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Abandoned Property Registry

Abandoned real property negatively impacts the community and causes blight. Many properties undergoing foreclosure are vacated prior to the conclusion of the foreclosure process and can go unoccupied for months or even years, leaving the properties abandoned and untended for extended periods of time awaiting foreclosure sale. It is the purpose and intent of this ordinance to establish a registration process to limit and reduce the deterioration of property which has been abandoned due to a foreclosure or where ownership has been transferred to a lender or mortgagee by any legal method.

  • Upon the filing of a lis pendens and/or any action to foreclose upon a mortgage or similar instrument, all mortgagees must register with the City of Port St. Lucie Code Compliance Division
  • All real property registrations are valid for one calendar year.
  • Any mortgagee that has registered real property under this section must report, in writing, any change of information contained in the registration within ten calendar days of the change.
  • Once the real property is no longer abandoned real property or is sold, the mortgagee must provide proof of sale or written notice and proof of occupancy to the Code Compliance Division.
  • All abandoned real property must be maintained and are responsible for maintaining their abandoned real properties in a secure manner.
  • If vacant, the real property shall be posted with the name and 24-hour contact telephone number of the owner's local agent. The posting shall be no less that 18″ × 24″.
  • The owner's local agent shall inspect the real property on a monthly basis to ensure that the property is in compliance with this chapter.

Methods to Registration and Amendment of Property

****Exempt agencies are limited to governmental entities****

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