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Common code violations

Accessory use—Section 41.08(D)

Prior to erecting any structure, fence or accessory unit to your home/property, please check with the city Building Department for permit requirements at (772) 871-5132.

Basketball goals—Section 158.217(c)(2)(c)

Basketball goals are not allowed to be cemented in to the swale areas. A portable basketball goal may be located in the swale areas as long as they are a minimum of two feet off the edge of the pavement and not on a collector or arterial roadway.

Commercial vehicles—Sections 72.03 and 158.217(d)

Commercial vehicles are prohibited from being parked or stored in all residential areas except while working at a job site. Examples of commercial vehicles: dump trucks, tow trucks or trucks with six wheels, step vans, chemical tank trucks, and any pickup or van openly storing equipment, materials or supplies.

Dead trees—Section 95.03

Dead trees are declared a public hazard when they have a trunk diameter of 4 inches or greater and are within a radius extending a distance of 80 feet from any building, roadway, or overhead electrical or communication service. The dead tree(s) must be removed to a level not exceeding 72 inches of surrounding ground level.

Dumping—Section 95.17

Dumping of trash, debris, construction materials, grass or tree clippings, or other items anywhere within the City of Port St. Lucie is strictly prohibited. Violators of the State Litter Law, section 403.413, Florida Statutes, may be criminally prosecuted. The city-contracted waste hauler, Waste Pro, which can be reached at (772) 595-9390, will pick all items other than hazardous waste when the items are placed at the curb of a residence. They will not pick up items that are put by the roadway in front of a vacant lot.

Garage sales—155.03(I)(1)

Garage sales are allowed in the city with a permit. Permits can be applied for ONLINE Click Here. However, pursuant to Section 155.03(I)(1), a garage sale shall not be run as a business or create a nuisance. Those holding garage sales are limited to one sign on their property only advertising the sale. No off-premises signs are permitted

High grass and weeds—Section 41.08(B)

All grass must be kept mowed below a length of 12 inches on all improved property (property with a structure built upon it) within the City of Port St Lucie.

House numbers—Section 41.10(C)(2)

For safety purposes, all buildings (residence and business) must have the address posted on the front of the structure and be clearly visible from the road-way. The numbers must be at least 4 inches in height with contrasting color from the background color.

Inoperative vehicles—Sections 95.02, 90.01 and 41.08(E)

Any vehicle that is not fully capable of being started and driven on the highway may be classified as inoperative. Examples of what may be considered as an inoperative vehicle(s), are: one or more flat tires, without wheel(s), without a battery, up on blocks or without a current tag.

Open storage—Section 158.211

Any item or material that is kept, left, or placed anywhere out of doors is to be considered to be openly stored. This includes items placed, left or stored in carports, front/side or rear yards, inside/behind a fence or inside bed of a trailer.

Outdoor sales/special events 158.225

All events held outside must apply for a special event permit, you may email or call Jackie Basile at 772-871-5234 with questions or to submit application. The permit is valid for two weeks and may be obtained two times per year. Signs are required to be removed 48 hours after the special event.

Parking prohibitions—Section 72.0

Parking on the wide part of the front lawn; parking upon any Federal, state or local public right-of-way within the city or on any unimproved property for the principal purpose of displaying a vehicle for sale; any type of advertisement; not parking 12 inches off the paved roadway and with the flow of traffic.

Prohibited Signs

Signs attached to or placed upon any utility pole, street light, sidewalk curb, fire hydrant, bridge or any other public property, including the swale area, median or public right-of-way, unless specifically authorized are prohibited.

Property maintenance—Section 41.10

The owners of a property within the city shall maintain the exterior of the premises in such a manner to conform with all city codes and ordinances. The exterior of all dwellings and structures shall be maintained in a manner as to be free of: 1) broken glass, crumbling stone, brick or stucco; 2) torn screens; 3) rotted wood; 4) mold and mildew; 5) numerous broken/missing roof shingles; 6) soffit and fascia missing or in disrepair; 7) any conditions reflective of deterioration or inadequate maintenance.

Recreation vehicles—Section 73.0

Vehicles registered as motor homes, recreational vehicles, campers, travel trailers, boats, etc., may be parked in the garage, driveway, side of the residence or 10 feet inside the rear yard. All recreational vehicles must bear a current registration and be in operating condition to be parked in any residential area within the city. No one may stay, live in, or use the vehicle while it is parked or stored in a residential area.

Signs—Section 155.05

Nearly all signs require a sign permit. The sign permit is issued through the Building Department, which can be reached at (772) 871-5132.

Solicitors—Chapter 112

Anyone who canvasses, goes door-to-door for sales, or operates a mobile food wagon is required to obtain a solicitors permit from the Port St. Lucie Police Department, which can be reached at (772) 871-5000. In some cases, an occupational license may also be required in addition to a solicitors permit

Swales—Sections 97.03 and 41.08(H)(1)

No pyramids, stones, stakes, shrubs or trees are permitted in the swale area. Swale areas must be kept free of trash, debris, and litter to prevent obstruction of the driveway culvert and swale. If a plastic liner has been installed, it must be maintained. Trash, debris, litter grass clippings, etc., must be removed to prevent obstructing water flow.