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The City of Port St. Lucie Building Department is now accepting plans electronically for a variety of permit types via our Contractor E-Permitting Portal. The process will allow for electronic submittal, routing, review, and issuance of approved e-permit types. The portal is simple and convenient to use from the comfort of your home or office. Additionally, it provides tools to track and manage your permit, upload revisions, and download approved documents.

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Currently, E-permitting services are only available to licensed contractors. Per Florida Statute 489.103(7)(b), all homeowner builder permits must be applied for in-person. Homeowners must personally appear and sign the building permit application and satisfy local agency requirements.

Please note that E-permitting does not guarantee that a permit will be issued. All submittals are subject to a review, prior to issuance. You may not start work until the application has been processed, payment is made and permit has been issued. Starting work prior to the issuance of a permit may result in penalties and fees.

Getting started with E-Permitting:

The qualifier must register with the Contractor Licensing Division and sign the online permitting agreement. This will give access to the contractor e-permitting portal where you will conduct your business and apply for your permits. Once you have signed the agreement, visit the Contractor Management Website to complete your registration, manage your account, view contractor information, or update your password. If you have any questions regarding registration, please email

Digital Signatures:

When applying for permits using the Contractor E-Permitting system, all documents are required to be digitally signed and sealed by a licensed design professional and must be done so by using a 3rd Party Certificate Authority to verify the Digital Signature.

Document Submittal Requirements:

A detailed list of document submittal requirements can be reviewed in the Online Permitting Guidelines for Submittal manual. This includes naming conversions, files types, digital signatures and process for reworks and revisions. Listed below are a few key items that should be noted for submittal:.

  • Documents shall be submitted as PDF file types only.
  • All plans shall be to scale and retain the sheet aspect ratio. Plan pages shall be accepted in 24"x36", standard format.
  • Digitally signed and sealed documents must allow Markups or Comments. This is done through the security in the document properties.
  • All submittals must follow standard naming conversions.
  • All fields shall be completed in the application submittal, including all specifications.
  • All residential plans shall be combined into 1 PDF File.
  • All commercial plan sets must be properly bookmarked by identifying page and content (ex. T-101 Coversheet)

Training Manuals and Guides:

Please know we are here to help you. Your success is our success. Listed below are the available training manuals. Additionally, staff is available to give you one-on-one training and go over any requirements for submittals. If you questions regarding submittal requirements or the E-permitting system, please contact us at
Required documentation, file requirements, file naming, revisions and other requirements for plans
Checklist for submittal of various permits
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