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How to search for permits on a property: Enter the house number and street address. (less is best) Click Submit. Next click on the Property KEY to bring up all permits on that property. Please note – Two addresses may show. One is from our current system and the other is "Legacy data" from an older system. You need to check BOTH addresses.

If your address is NOT showing try clearing your search and only searching by house # or only by street name. If you are unsure what the abbreviations for status or permit types are please view the codes below:

Click For Permit Status Codes
Click For Permit Type Codes

Addresses showing in red mean there may be a possible violation or issue on the property. You will need to email for additional information. Please allow 2-4 days for responses.

If you are conducting a "Title Search" or "Open Permit Search" you will need to contact our NEW Lien Services Division for further information. For information on the Lien Services Division click HERE.

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Legacy Data

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